Production and Material

Handmade – craftmanship at its finest

This bag is produced in a small manufactory in the city of Sibiu in the heart of Transilvania. Our partner company Tapel produces high quality leather bags and bag packs, accessories for hunters and saddles since over 15 years – mainly for the Western European market. Each product is thoroughly controlled before leaving the workshop. The leather is produced in Romania matching the highest quality standards of the western European market of fine leather products.

100% natural leather of highest quality

The leather is carefully selected and controlled from the very  beginning.  We buy skins from small scale animal producers in special regions of Romania, mainly the sub-carpathian mountainous areas. These are areas with long tradition in cattle raising where farmers use still nowadays mainly natural feeding methods – the animals are on pasture from springtime to autumn and are fed with hay and cereals in wintertime. This assures high quality skins which are carefully tanned, colored and air dried. This slow and careful processing results in high quality and solid leather. The final treatment with wax and oil makes our leather impermeable for water for a lifetime.

The leather workshop